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The Alan C. Wilder & Recoil community on LJ

"Wilder by name. Wilder by nature."

Alan C. Wilder & Recoil Devotees UNITE!
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To Join:      Follow this link, if you want.... and share your responses to the Wilder Intro Questions!

Our space here is an Alan Wilder & Recoil scapbook, journal, information service, and tribute site, all in one.
This is a place for fellow devotees-- as well as those just curious about this brilliant man-- to discuss and share 'all things Alan Wilder & Recoil', including photographs, media, interviews, personal stories, poetry, art, music and many other countless types of resources and inspiration. Let's send Alan our most heart-felt positive energy... Good luck with the new album, 'Charlie' Wilder-- We appreciate you and your music and We're with you!


The Wilder Questions (thoroughly optional; very appreciated!)

Comment in this entry with your responses to...............Alan_C_Wilder Intro Questions!

1. What is your livejournal username?

2. What is the your name/nickname you'd like to go by?

3. Which are you: (a) "new fan"; (b) "devotee through-'n-through"; or
(c) "a curious toad"?

4. What is a favorite Recoil album?

5. What is a favorite Depeche Mode album, when Alan was a DM band member?

6. What is a favorite song written by Alan (DM years, pre-DM and/or post-DM)?

7. Do you have a favorite Alan Wilder-ism (i.e. favorite expression, phrase or quote of his)?

8. Strawberry, Chocolate, or plain Vanilla? (No, it's not a trick question and Yes, you must answer this question or your membership will most definitely be denied!) ;)
Followup question: Boxers or Briefs or ? (this followup question's optional.)

9. Anything else you'd like to share?

Go. Comment. Now! :)

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PLEASE READ our community's friendly guidelines
in order to participate in the Alan C. Wilder community

"The Thin Line", Alan Wilder's studio.

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